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Why the Twitter IPO is Big News in Tech

Traders everywhere watched as Twitter filed for the confidential initial public offering of stocks at the Securities and Exchange Commission two weeks ago. Since then, the Internet has been abuzz with speculation on what the Twitter IPO will do for … Continue reading

Exploring the Kodak Bankruptcy

The financial market meltdown of late 2007 reverberated throughout the entire United States economy. Companies of all sizes and from every industry felt at least some effect of the financial collapse. Even venerable corporate institutions such as Eastman Kodak succumbed … Continue reading

Online MBA Can Lead to Success as a Financial Analyst

Junior analysts at large investment banks such as JP Morgan Chase and Goldman Sachs are seeing an unprecedented wave of recruiting for their skills from prestigious buyout funds and private equity groups. What does this mean for college students? In … Continue reading

In a Hurry? Consider a Fast MBA!

We want things fast and the demand for instant gratification has spilled over into online education. The trend towards earning degrees in less time encompasses all academic disciplines, including MBA programs. Fast MBA programs online are for working professionals who … Continue reading

Is an MBA Worth It?

You’ve reached that educational fork in the road. On one path, you can travel into your new career, working your way up the corporate ladder. The other path leads to earning an MBA. The decision as to which fork in … Continue reading

MBA Career Outlook Strong for Ohio MBA Graduates

Once a state that primarily derived economic strength from its strong manufacturing base, Ohio has diversified its economy to include recession proof industries such as health care and information technology. This means earning an advanced business degree helps students secure … Continue reading

Why Chose an ACBSP Accredited Online MBA Program?

Students enroll in online MBA programs because of the convenience of attending class on their time and the lower tuition charged by most online MBA colleges and universities. However, earning an MBA online means nothing unless the degree comes from … Continue reading

How to Earn an Online MBA, No GMAT Required

Many prospective MBA students believe they have to navigate several hurdles to gain admission to online programs. In their minds, the toughest hurdle to clear involves achieving strong GMAT scores. However, the prospective students who worry about the GMAT should … Continue reading